Experience of care: Improvement collaboratives

The Cancer Experience of Care Improvement Collaborative brings together groups of cancer healthcare professionals and people with lived experience from different organisations to work in a structured way to improve services. Its aim is for each project team to use insight and feedback (e g Cancer Patient Experience Survey results) to improve the experience of care for cancer patients, their families, and unpaid carers. Project teams can make improvements based on what matters to people who use cancer services that align with local, regional, and national priorities.

Cohort 2 and rare and less common cancer collaboratives

In 2020/21, 23 project teams participated in two collaboratives which delivered improvement projects covering all cancers, including rare and less common cancers. A final survey, sent to all the project teams, found that 100 of the respondents would recommend taking part in the collaborative. Teams found their ability to work as a team, improve patient/carer experience of cancer care and staff experience of delivering cancer care had improved as a result of taking part in the collaborative (positive rating of 3 and 4 maximum rating).

  • 81% found an improvement in team working
  • 93% found an improvement in patient/carer experience of cancer care
  • 89% found an improvement in staff experience of the delivery of cancer care

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience thank you’: Project Team Member.

‘The rewards of being part of a project team, which is focused around improving patient experience are immense’: Project Lived Experience Partner.

‘Thank you for your support and for always being there to answer our questions and for being a constant source of guidance and help’: Project Team Member.

‘I have been included in planning the project and its development from the beginning My thoughts and ideas have been listened to and implemented where appropriate’: Project Lived Experience Partner.

The Collaboratives finished in March 2021 with a recognition event on 30 April. The event was attended by a range of national stakeholders including, project teams, project exec sponsors, lived experience partners, Cancer Alliance and regional colleagues. The event showcased fantastic work being delivered locally, despite a challenging year, and provided an opportunity for sharing key learning on improving the experience of care for cancer patients.

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