Principle 4 – Measure what matters to carers

Good quality data and evidence was identified as being crucial to help commissioners in the decision making process when developing and prioritising business cases for services to support carers. Accurate data assists with accountability and transparency within the Commissioning process.

Image of a scale bar with red, amber and green

Using the above image as a scale where red is lowest and green is highest. How would you rate the below questions.

  • How assured are you that carers’ data you have collected locally is quality assured for accuracy, is accessible and is easy to understand?
  • How assured are you that you are measuring what matters to improve the outcomes for carers?
  • How assured are that carers are identified by primary and secondary care services you commission?

Ask yourself

  • Do you know what your carer data means?
  • Are you able to compare the experience of different groups of people?
  • How do you measure the experience of young carers and young adult carers?

Download this principle to track and measure your progressAlso available to download as a MS Word document.