Principle 7 – Train staff to identify and support carers

A key theme which emerged from the regional evidence summit events was the provision of education and training for staff, which was thought to provide the following when implemented;

  • Recognition & identification of carers
  • GPs & all healthcare professionals increased awareness of carers issues
  • Carers awareness of their role as experts
  • Improved referral/signposting to appropriate services
  • Recognition for the establishment of a single point of contact/access.

Image of a scale bar with red, amber and green

Using the above image as a scale where red is lowest and green is highest. How would you rate the below questions.

  • What assurance do you have that staff have training and are continually updated with regards to the role of carers?
  • How assured are you that training and awareness around carers’ issues is embedded in all services you commission?
  • How do you rate your current education and training for health and care professionals in relation to carers?

Ask yourself

  • Do you know if your local education and training board are including carer awareness training in their programmes?
  • How have you included carers in your staff training?
  • How have you ensured that training around carer awareness is embedded as part of an assurance framework

Download this principle to track and measure your progressAlso available to download as a MS Word document.