Principle 10 – Support carers to access local resources

Feedback from carers highlighted the following as some of the key changes they would value most:

  • Ensure information is shared with me and other professionals
  • Signpost information for me and help link professionals together

These were identified as being important to enable carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing and continue to support the person they look after with confidence (Commitment to Carers).

Image of a scale bar with red, amber and green

Using the above image as a scale where red is lowest and green is highest. How would you rate the below questions.

  • How assured are you that providers routinely signpost to carer services, websites and professionals providing support as appropriate?
  • How assured are you that young carers supporting someone with a stigmatised condition (mental ill health or substance misuse) have access to information and specialised support?
  • How assured are that carers are identified by primary and secondary care services you commission?

Ask yourself

  • Do you have relevant and appropriate services for all carers?
  • Do your commissioned services promote the uptake of Carers Assessments?
  • How do you promote services which are available?

Download this principle to track and measure your progressAlso available to download as a MS Word document.