Commissioning for Carers Principles

The Commissioning for Carers Principles focus on key actions that are most likely to achieve the best outcomes from the evidence and case studies that have been received.

To help commissioners consider current commissioning practices with regards to carers and how this could be improved, we have provided a simple self-assessment questionnaire designed for you and your team to rate yourself and provide an opportunity to see if there is anything you could do to enhance your existing services. Supplementary questions have been included to help trigger conversations and stimulate ideas. The intention is to help with decision making processes to support a return on investment and help make the business planning process easier. Links to detailed case studies have been included.

The Commissioning for Carers Principles help identify different approaches for adaptation or adoption to fit with local priorities and engage through the whole commissioning cycle. The simple checklist for each principle is an easy way to identify what already exists or to highlight areas that need further support and possible investment. This will help to frame your assessment criteria for funding within the business planning commissioning process. The checklists may help record a commitment to carers’ baseline which could then be repeated to record the progress made.

Each Commissioning for Carers Principle has an ‘Ask Yourself’ section with trigger questions derived from the round table discussions at the carers’ regional evidence summit events and the Young Carers Call to Action. The purpose is to stimulate discussions within your organisation in response to each of the Commissioning for Carers Principles.