Creating a culture of compassionate and inclusive leadership

We’ve partnered with the King’s Fund and the Centre for Creative Leadership to provide practical support and resources to help providers improve their culture.


The culture of an organisation or system shapes the behaviour of everyone in it, the quality of care it provides and its overall performance. As the NHS re-organises itself to meet the challenges it faces now and in the future, focusing on culture is as important as ever.


We provide practical support and resources to help providers improve their culture and to run their own culture and leadership programme.

Our programme is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Discover — diagnose your cultural issues
  • Phase 2: Design — develop your collective leadership strategy to address the issues
  • Phase 3: Deliver  implement any necessary changes

The biggest influence on culture is the leadership in an organisation. Collective leadership  people empowered to lead in all areas at all levels — is the key to creating cultures that will give NHS staff the freedom and confidence to act in the interests of patients, and will lead to sustainable, operational and financial performance.

If it’s about NHS culture, it’s about leadership – A blog from The King’s Fund.

You can also contact your local NHS Leadership Academy associate by visiting the NHS Leadership Academy website.

Our pilot trusts

The following NHS providers are working through our programme:

  • Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust

We’re working with them to capture their experiences, advice, hints and tips to ensure this resource is a workable and helpful guide for other NHS providers wishing to embark on their own journey.

We’d also like to acknowledge the contribution made by Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch NHS Foundation Trust.

Who else? Culture change is everywhere

There are many other organisations on their own culture journeys, some have their own programmes and some are starting to use our toolkits.

We are very keen to know what are you doing. Please email us