What does compassionate and inclusive leadership mean to us?

We recognise that there are a wide range of resources which describe compassionate and inclusive cultures across a range of sectors. However, it can be difficult with limited time available to find relevant resources for your needs. We’ve therefore collected a range of resources within these pages which we feel are a good place to start.

Compassionate and inclusive leadership by us as individuals

Compassionate and inclusive leadership within our teams

Compassionate and inclusive leadership for our organisations

Compassionate and inclusive leadership within our health and care systems

  • Read: Prof. Michael West, ‘Compassionate Leadership: Sustaining wisdom, humanity and presence in health and social care’: In his latest book (published 2021, widely available to buy), Prof. Michael West describes compassionate leadership, dispelling myths and explaining how collective, compassionate leadership improves performance, innovation and quality improvement in health and social care settings. The book covers compassionate and inclusive leadership at each of the levels listed here, but specifically Chapter 9 focuses on compassionate leadership across boundaries.
  • Read: General Sir Gordon Messenger, Leadership for a collaborative and inclusive future: In his 2022 report, General Sir Gordon Messenger identifies collaborative behaviours as the “bedrock of effective system outcomes”.
  • Read: Well-led framework: The new framework maintains focus on strong integrated governance and leadership across quality, finance and operations, and in line with the changing operating environment, increases emphasis on organisational culture, improvement and system working.