Inspiration: sharing the “whys” and the “hows” of compassionate and inclusive leadership

We must make the NHS an employer of excellence – valuing, supporting, developing and investing in our people.

Despite inclusion being a founding value of the welfare state in the United Kingdom the organisational cultures in health and care continue to reflect discrimination of the wider society. The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the effects of discrimination on health society with far higher proportions of those with disabilities or those from ethnic minority groups dying from Covid-19. To truly respond in a way which will create the conditions for high quality, compassionate and continually improving healthcare for current and future generations, leaders must understand and better nurture inclusiveness, promoting equity and valuing diversity. Without doing this, a culture and leadership cannot be characterised as compassionate. However, as we see more compassionate and inclusive working environments, there is potential for the positive impact to be felt beyond organisational boundaries, through the homes of our colleagues and into wider communities.

Our evidence, reports and occasional blogs on culture provide the resources which our change teams and wider stakeholders tell us have been most important in shaping their understanding of the importance of culture and leadership in healthcare, and compassionate collective leadership.

Featured case study

This month, read about Os De Alva’s experience of being a member of the Culture and Leadership Programme’s change team at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust and how this experience not only supported his altruistic needs, but his development too.

Read this and more case studies on our sharing your stories page.

Michael West: Compassionate and inclusive leadership

In this video Michael West shares his thoughts on compassionate and inclusive leadership for our recent event ‘The challenge of culture change: sharing system-wide learning to deliver the NHS Long-Term Plan’.

Resources for culture change

We recognise that there are a wide range of resources which describe compassionate and inclusive cultures, and culture change across a range of sectors. However, it can be difficult with limited time available to find relevant resources for your needs. We’ve therefore collected a range of resources within these pages which we feel are a good place to start.

Significant reports on culture – national and international perspectives

The desire to provide the best quality health and care services is both a national and international priority, with this forming the focus on a number of commissioned research projects around the world. Here we’ve collected a number of resources which are particularly relevant to creating compassionate and inclusive working environments through collective leadership.

Sharing your stories

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