Learning together

Our learning hub contains links to different ways for culture change sponsors, change leads and change teams to learn with others about implementing the Culture and Leadership Programme.

Our promise

One of our priorities in the Culture Transformation Team is to support you and your colleagues to develop your own skills so that you can successfully transform the culture of your organisation and/or system and feel confident using our tools and tailoring our resources for best effect within your context.

As a first step, we have developed two reflective tools for use within Change Teams:

  • Leadership behaviours reflection questionnaire: This questionnaire encourages Change Team members to reflect on their own leadership behaviours as agents for change within an organisation.
  • Team working for assessment: The Change Team is also a group of people coming together around a shared goal. Working effectively together as a team is important for the success of their shared work together. We have therefore created a team working assessment for use within the change team in order to help you assess and reflect on the effectiveness of your team’s functioning.

Sharing your stories

We have a growing collection of stories from colleagues in different roles and settings who have used the Culture and Leadership Programme to affect real and lasting change in their organisations. If you would be happy to share your story or your organisation’s/system’s journey, please get in touch, and we’ll publish it here.

Online learning courses

We have created a space for online learning courses and content, which we will be developing and growing. We’ve started with support and content for Change Team Members, but more will follow. If there is some learning you feel you need, please let us know! We’re learning too.

Space to learn together, for you, for organisations and for systems

We are developing a learning network and creating space for communities of practice to share learning and peer support. We hope this growing community is an interactive space to share your learning and ask your colleagues for advice and guidance, as well as sharing resources resources like case studies and blogs relevant to your community. As a community we are stronger together!

This is supported by a members-only online space in order to have a shared safe environment. Please contact NHSI.Culture@nhs.net if you wish to join. Colleagues from organisations who are receiving support from the Culture Transformation Team will automatically be registered to this space.

As part of this learning network, we are also hosting a series of learning events. To find the latest events, please visit the NHS England and NHS Improvement events pages.

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