What we’re doing to improve palliative and end of life care

NHS England intends an ambitious and transformative approach to palliative and end of life care (PEoLC) during 2021-2026 to ensure sustainable, responsive, personalised palliative and end of life care for all, irrespective of age, area, condition or setting.

This will be undertaken within a robust national governance framework that is then reflected at a regional level via regional PEoLC Strategic Clinical Networks. These seven networks will have an identified Regional Senior Responsible Officer, ICS/STP Senior Responsible Officer, Regional Clinical Lead and Regional Network Manager. The activity within these will reflect at a local level, the national priorities.

The following are the national workstreams for PEoLC that will consider an all age approach to PEoLC, working with people of lived experience and working to improve access, improve sustainability, and reduce health inequalities:

  • Clinical Excellence – to support outstanding clinical care, based on the best available evidence, to ensure personalised palliative and end of life care for people of all ages in all settings.
  • Commissioning – supporting regional ICS/STPs in the commissioning and contracting of good PEoLC, ensuring optimal use of funding and sustainability for the future.
  • Data and Intelligence – establishing a clear pathway for the definition, development and implementation of information standards for PEoLC.

For further information and updates on workstream activity, join our Future NHS PEoLC Network. To request access, email england.palliativeandendoflife@nhs.net