What NHS England is doing to improve end of life care

NHS England’s End of Life Care Programme aims to:

  • increase the percentage of people identified as being in their last year of life so that their end of life care can be improved by personalising it according to their needs and preferences and
  • secure strong clinical engagement and support in improved end of life care by working with NHS England regional networks.

Programme objectives in 2018/19 are aligned to the Ambitions framework.

Ambition 1 – Each person is seen as an individual

Improve identification of people likely to be in their last year of life by working with three end of life care (EoLC) test sites to:

  • develop a model which articulates what great person centred care is and
  • identify, record and share EoLC key information digitally and
  • improve recognition of people approaching their end of life.

Greater patient and public awareness of EoLC by:

  • sponsoring a Royal Society of Arts Student Design Award to raise awareness about the importance of talking about death and dying and planning for the future.

Ambition 2 – Each person gets fair access to care

Reduce variation and inequalities in EoLC by:

  • working with clinical commissioning groups to gather evidence that commissioning of end of life care services results in better outcomes and experiences for patients and their families and
  • lower the need for Continuing Healthcare fast track funding.

Commissioning models for palliative and end of life care for children and young people (CYP) by:

  • identifying current funding streams and developing commissioning models for Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and Integrated Care Systems to adopt, for provision of integrated CYP palliative and end of life care services.

Ambition 3 – Maximising comfort and wellbeing

Delivery of good EoLC whatever the care setting by:

  • surveying health and social care workforce to better understand and improve their experience accessing specialist palliative and end of life care medicines in the community.

Ambition 4 – Care is co-ordinated

Share key end of life care information by:

  • digitally sharing information in the Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination (EPaCCs) templates wider and,
  • working with NHS Digital programmes of work including the National Record Locator Service.

Ambition 5 – All staff are prepared to care

  • Programmes of work currently being considered. Further updates to follow.

Ambition 6 – Each community is prepared to help

Working closely with the Ambitions partnership by:

  • maintaining close working relationships with the Ambitions partners.

Palliative and End of Life Care (PEoLC) Network

Working with regional colleagues to promote EoLC through strong clinical engagement as well as delivering on one of the measures of success below.

  • Increasing the number of people identified and offered personalised care and support planning through the GP’s supportive/palliative care register, and offer for these plans to be included in local EPaCCS.
  • Reducing the number of people who have three or more emergency admissions in their last 90 days of life.
  • Improving outcomes and experience in end of life care for people with cancer, dementia, learning disabilities, requiring urgent or emergency care, and people who are homeless or living in detained settings.
  • Increasing access and usage of shared digital records (EPaCCS).
  • Embed PEoLC priorities within Sustainability Transformation Partnerships.

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