Quality accounts requirements 2019/20

Details for reporting arrangements for quality accounts 2019/20

Update 1 May 2020: Regulations making revisions to quality account deadlines for 2019/20 are now in force. While primary legislation continues to require providers of NHS services to prepare a quality account for each financial year, the amended regulations mean there is no fixed deadline by which providers must publish their 2019/20 quality account. We recommend for NHS providers that a revised deadline of 15 December 2020 would be appropriate, in light of pressures caused by COVID-19. Draft quality accounts should be provided to stakeholders (for ‘document assurance’ as required by the quality accounts regulations) in good time to allow scrutiny and comment. For finalising quality accounts by 15 December, a date of 15 October would be reasonable for this; each trust should agree this with their relevant stakeholders. The letter attached below has not been revised.

NHS providers are no longer expected to obtain assurance from their external auditor on their quality account / quality report for 2019/20.

NHS foundation trusts are not required to include a quality report in their annual report for 2019/20: for more information NHS foundation trusts should see NHS foundation trust annual reporting manual (FT ARM).

Providers of NHS healthcare are required to publish a quality account each year.  These are based on the quality accounts regulations published by the Department of Health and Social Care.

Quality accounts letter 2019/20

Further guidance on quality accounts can be found on the NHS website quality accounts page.