NHS Genomic Research Collaborative – Steering Committee and Advisory Forum

Steering Committee

The NHS GMS Research Collaborative Steering Committee will review and give feedback on research proposals that require support from the NHS GMS. It will also rapidly evaluate the capacity, capability, and resource, of the NHS GMS to support research. The Steering Committee is convened on a monthly basis.

The Steering Committee for 2020-22 will be co-chaired by Professor Dame Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Responsible Officer for Genomics, NHS England and Chris Wigley, Chief Executive Officer, Genomics England.

Details of the Steering Committee’s current membership can be found in the terms of reference.

Advisory Forum

The Advisory Forum will bring together the wider-research community to agree a strategic direction for genomic research in the NHS. The Advisory Forum is convened twice per year.

The Advisory Forum is yet to be established. Details will be published on this page in due course.