NHS Genomic Medicine Service Research Collaborative

The NHS Genomic Medicine Service (GMS) Research Collaborative has been brought together as part of the NHS Long Term Plan aim to support research and development by facilitating genomic research on a national scale. The NHS GMS Research Collaborative will ensure alignment with national research aims to deliver better outcomes for patients both now and in the future.

The NHS GMS Research Collaborative is a partnership between the NHS GMS, Genomics England and the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and comprises of two key groups:

  • The Steering Committee – an operational group which will review and give feedback on research proposals that require support from the NHS GMS. It will also rapidly evaluate the capacity, capability, and resource, of the NHS GMS to support research. The Steering Committee is convened on a monthly basis.
  • The Advisory Forum – which will bring together the wider-research community to agree a strategic direction for genomic research in the NHS. The Advisory Forum is convened twice per year.

Make a submission to the NHS GMS Research Collaborative

You can find further information on how to make a submission to the to the NHS GMS Research collaborate and download the relevant forms here.

You can also contact the NHS GMS Research Collaborative secretariat on: ENGLAND.genomics@nhs.net.

NHS GMS Research Collaborative Principles

The NHS GMS Research Collaborative is guided by the following principles:

  • All research and industry collaborations should be for the potential benefit of patients and the outcomes fed back to the NHS to support improvement in patient care.
  • An ongoing commitment to align and help the delivery of strategic priorities of the NHS and UK life sciences sector.
  • The NHS GMS will be expected to actively participate and deliver research approved by the Steering Committee as required, unless agreed criteria for opt-out are met.
  • All genomic data will be deposited into the National Genomic Research Library in a common format, within the restrictions imposed by any intellectual property and contractual obligations.
  • All genomic research activities (including academic and commercial collaborations) that are being undertaken using NHS GMS infrastructure in England will be collated into a register, and will align with initiatives on research transparency, improving understanding, informing strategic priorities and avoiding duplication.
  • All research accessed or delivered through the NHS GMS must have been subject to independent external peer review before approval. If necessary, support will be provided by the NHS GMS Research Collaborative to provide the necessary approvals.
  • An agreed form of acknowledgement will be included in publications arising from research in the NHS GMS for contributory parties.
  • All research will be conducted in line with existing national processes and structures and the regulatory governance framework e.g. Health Research Authority, NIHR standard contracts and reimbursement methodologies.
  • Intellectual property provisions will be agreed, based on existing national frameworks and best practice.