Submissions to the NHS GMS Research Collaborative

Early Feedback Review Service

The early feedback service provides those with a potential research opportunity, academic or commercial (contract or collaborative), with access to NHS GMS expertise to help determine whether the research could be delivered. It will not be necessary to have a fully worked up or costed research protocol to seek early feedback.

To submit to the early feedback review service;

Feedback from the expert review panel will be provided on the feasibility of the study, patient populations and timelines for the research.

Please note that submission to the early feedback review service is not a mandatory requirement for submission of full research proposals to the Steering Committee.

Review of Research Proposals

The Steering Committee will review submitted research proposals from those that wish to access NHS GMS services. This includes:

  • Research proposals submitted from industry, academics, the NHS and others
  • Research proposals submitted via Genomics England (for studies that require recontact, clinical trials, additional samples or for genomic data not held in the National Genomic Research Library)

To submit a proposal to the Steering Committee, researchers should complete the submission documentation and send it to The Steering Committee will review and confirm the outcome of each application and submitters will be notified of the next steps and outcomes.

For proposals which require an urgent response from the Steering Committee, an urgent review can be requested. Urgent reviews may be appropriate, for example, for requests from approved clinical trials for access to an identified patient group accessible via the research environment. The Steering Committee will aim to review appropriate proposals for urgent review within 15 working days.

The Steering Committee will not be responsible for reviewing access to data in the National Genomic Research Library as that process is managed through the Genomics England Access Review Committee.

Documentation to support your submission

Early Feedback Process

Research Proposals