Genomics strategy

The Accelerating genomic medicine in the NHS Strategy sets out the ambitions for embedding genomics in the NHS over the next 5 years.

This strategy sets out four priority areas to this approach:

  1. Embedding genomics across the NHS, through a world leading innovative service model from primary and community care through to specialist and tertiary care.
  2. Delivering equitable genomic testing for improved outcomes in cancer, rare, inherited and common diseases and in enabling precision medicine and reducing adverse drug reactions.
  3. Enabling genomics to be at the forefront of the data and digital revolution, ensuring genomic data can be interpreted and informed by other diagnostic and clinical data.
  4. Evolving the service through cutting-edge science, research and innovation to ensure that patients can benefit from rapid implementation of advances.

This first ever NHS genomics strategy signals the next big step in healthcare in the NHS and the journey to realise the potential of genomics for our patients, our communities and the population we serve.

Follow this link to read the full Genomics Strategy.