GP Contract documentation 2023/24

Standard contract documentation

August 2023

April 2023

Seasonal influenza service specifications, collaboration agreement, additional guidance

Enhanced Service (ES) Specification COVID-19 vaccination programme 1 September 2023 to 31 March 2024 and COVID-19 ES Vaccination Collaboration Agreement

Shingles vaccination programme technical guidance

National vaccination and immunisation catch-up campaign for 2023/24

Local enhanced service commissioning

This guidance document sets out how integrated care boards can commission local enhanced services through primary medical care contracts.

Statement of Financial Entitlements and Directed Enhanced Services Directions – legislation underpinning the GP Contract

A number of legal documents, published by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), formally underpin the GP contract.

The Statement of Financial Entitlements (SFE) sets out payment conditions for General Medical Services (GMS) contractors, which may also be replicated for local Personal Medical Services (PMS) and Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) contractors. The SFE Directions 2023 sets out updated terms from 31 March 2023.

The Primary Medical Services Directed Enhanced Services Directions 2023 sets out the requirements for GMS and PMS contractors choosing to provide Directed Enhanced Services, including the Network Contract DES from 31 March 2023.

The GMS RegulationsPMS Regulations and Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) Directions set out the most recent contractual amendments for GMS, PMS and APMS.

GP Contract 2023/24 financial information

The 2023/24 GP contract financial information page includes:

  • a letter and appendix setting out the financial implications of the 2022/23 contractual changes for commissioners
  • a practice and PCN income ready reckoner
  • guidance on implementing the GP contract changes for Personal Medical Services (PMS) and Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) contracts.

Changes to the GP Contract in 2023/24

Primary care service development funding and general practice IT funding guidance 2023/24

Guidance for primary care service development funding (SDF) for 2023/24.

General Practice pay transparency guidance

The General Practice pay transparency guidance provides information on the individuals required to self-declare their NHS earnings and the details of the NHS earnings thresholds for the financial years 2021/22-2023/24 above which a self-declaration must be made.  The guidance also sets out:

  • the information to be declared
  • the definition of NHS earnings for the purpose of general practice pay transparency
  • when the pay transparency self-declaration must be made
  • how individuals make the pay transparency self-declaration
  • how the information collected via the self-declaration will be used

Network contract directed enhanced service (DES)

Network contract directed enhanced service (DES): This page contains all the information for the 2023/24 Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES). This includes a cover note which sets out the 2023/24 changes, the Network Contract DES contract specification, and supplementary guidance, including on the Investment and Impact Fund.

Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Guidance for 2023/24

Quality and outcomes framework (QOF) changes for 202Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Guidance for 2023/24: This page contains information on the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) changes for 2023/24 and includes the latest version of the QOF guidance.

Weight management enhanced service 2023/24

Weight management enhanced service 2023/24: This page contains the service specification for the 2023/24 Weight Management Enhanced Service.