ROAN information sheet 20d: GP support – wellbeing

Perhaps you are feeling like you’re struggling to balance both work and personal commitments? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed, or that you’re approaching burnout?

National support for GPs includes

NHS GP Health Service – a free and confidential health service established in 2017 for GPs and trainee GPs experiencing mental health and addiction issues. The service has a number of clinical services available from face to face psychological therapies to peer group sessions. It can also provide support more remotely using online tools and tailoring the support to the needs of the GP.

The service is confidential and can be accessed between 8am-8pm weekdays and 8am-2pm weekends.

More information can be found on the GP Health Service website or by calling 0300 0303 300.

Other support services available include:

The GP career support pack sets out the various types of support available to you throughout your career as a general practitioner in England. You can access the GP career support pack on the NHS England website.

This information sheet is relevant primarily to NHS England responsible officers.

Released October 2018.