ROAN information sheets

Responsible Officer and Appraiser Network (ROAN) information sheets are written on an ad hoc basis, on issues of relevance to responsible officers and their teams, medical appraisers and doctors. They cover a broad range of topics, from logistics to support consistency between designated bodies, clarification/promotion of existing guidance, to suggestions and resources for appraisers to offer doctors whom they are appraising. Each new sheet is added to the top of the list below so most recent sheets are towards the top.

Interested colleagues are encouraged to bookmark this page. It is best to access the sheets direct from this page, to be confident of referring to the most up to date version. Please email for assistance if needed.

53. Performers list amendments – locally employed doctors
52. Teamworking resources
51. Prescribed connections to NHS England: 2023 addendum
50. Extending the appraiser allocation
49. MAG form discontinuation
48. Update for responsible officer network on framework for quality assurance
Professional standards in integrated care boards: embracing designated body status and prescribed connections of doctors working in several organisations
47a. Professional standards in integrated care boards: principles
46. Known providers of medical appraisal platforms in England
45. New Medical Appraisal Guide and associated Appraisal Template
44. Update for Responsible Officer network on professional standards matters: appraisal and Framework of quality assurance
43. Team issues involving doctors in designated bodies outside NHS England – roles and responsibilities
42. Letter from Professor Steve Powis to ROs and MDs 30 April 2021
41. Selection of appraisal format for doctors connected to NHS England and NHS Improvement
40. Medical Appraisal 2020
39. Letter from Professor Steve Powis to ROs and MDs 3 September 2020
38. Letter from Professor Steve Powis to ROs and MDs 19 March 2020
37. Sharing appraisal information with employers
36. Intercollegiate document on safeguarding guidance
35. Late feedback submission as a cause of revalidation deferral
34. HQIP as a resource for quality improvement information at appraisal
33. Disclosure of appraisal information to third parties
32. Technology assisted appraisal
31. Appraiser indemnity post Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP)
30. Pre-employment Medical Practice Information Transfer (MPIT)
29. email addresses for NHS England appraisers
28. Tracking scope of work for trainees
27. Keeping appraisal submissions proportionate
26. Access to clinical records for professional development
25. Splitting the medical director and responsible officer functions – making it work
24. Leadership in primary care
23. Quality improvement: best practice for clinical letters
22. GPs with Extended Roles accreditation framework
21. Reviewing all roles in scope of work
20d. GP support – wellbeing
20c. GP career support – newly qualified and first 5s
20b. GP career support – career break, returners, leavers
20a. GP career support – experienced GPs
19. Appraisal out of training posts
18. NHS England appraiser exceptional expenses
17. MDRO Joint Role
16a. Responsible Officer Function and GDPR (NHS England responsible officers)
16b. Responsible Officer Function and GDPR (All responsible officers)
15. Minimising paperwork to maximise benefit 
14. Patient feedback during 2nd cycle
13. Clinical governance in the new NHS
12. Written reflective practice in appraisals
11. Doctors new to the UK
10. Incapacitated appraiser
9. Appraisal skills video
8. Confidentiality of appraisal reflection
7. Scheduling appraisal for short-term doctors
6. GPs working abroad
5. Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs)
4. Leadership
3. GP health
2. GP retention scheme
1b. Simplifying appraisal preparation for GPs
1a. Simplifying appraisal preparation for doctors