Your work and the NHS Long Term Plan

While high-level strategies can feel a world away from the reality of our day-to-day work, nurses and midwives at every level play a crucial role in realising the vision laid out in the NHS Long Term Plan. 

Indeed, the country’s Chief Nursing Officer, Ruth May, has made it one of her priorities to ensure that those at every level understand the importance of their individual and collective contributions to the delivery of the plan.

The plan itself recognises that we must address the pressures our staff face, while making our funding go as far as possible and doing all we can to better serve a growing and ageing population.

We will all recognise the cornerstones of that plan in our everyday work, whether it be in changing the face of patient care and addressing health inequalities or fighting for improved outcomes and exploring how technology could transform our work for the better.

And if you have not already been introduced to the plan, then we are sure you will recognise many of its themes within the pages of this e-book, which serves as both a celebration of the work of our nurses and midwives and as testimony to how they are bringing the plan to life through their work, each and every day.

We hope that the stories shared in this will help you to realise how you and your colleagues are helping to deliver the ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.

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