Objectives and narrative

The objectives of the NHS 70th birthday celebrations are:

  • To thank NHS staff for their hard work and commitment, profiling their skills, experience and successes and celebrating their diversity, whilst recognising the challenges they face – this includes volunteers, NHS charities and social care staff, as well voluntary sector, social enterprise and charity partners.
  • To look back over the last 70 years of the NHS celebrating key clinical, technological, scientific, medical and workforce developments and breakthroughs.
  • To look forward and build confidence amongst staff and the public about the NHS’s long term future, recognising that the way care is delivered will continue to evolve, with a particular focus on innovation and technology.
  • To support a public conversation about the NHS of the future and to develop an archive of staff and patient stories for future generations to engage with.
  • To allow people to connect with, and understand better, their local NHS through a range of NHS70-themed events, exhibitions, awards and other initiatives.
  • To encourage people to support the NHS:
    • Volunteering including a focus on younger people;
    • Supporting NHS charities;
    • Giving blood and joining the organ donor register;
    • Using services wisely;
    • Signing up to NHS research programmes;
    • Taking care of their own health;
    • Considering a career in the NHS – recognising the vast range of jobs roles.

These objectives were agreed by our national steering group.

Download the full narrative for the 70th birthday celebrations.