A framework for conducting annual appraisals of NHS Provider Chairs

One of the actions in the interim NHS People Plan was to develop competency frameworks for senior NHS leadership roles to assist in the recruitment, development and appraisal of our leaders.

NHS provider chairs were consulted and contributed to the co-creation of this framework for conducting annual appraisal of NHS Provider Chairs, which we expect will be widely applied to more effectively and consistently support and develop the leaders in these pivotal roles.

The principal aim is to ensure the annual appraisal is a valuable and valued undertaking that provides an honest and objective assessment of a Chair’s impact and effectiveness, while enabling potential support and development needs to be recognised and fully considered. The framework establishes a more standardised approach to the appraisal process based on multiple stakeholder assessment and is aligned with the five core competencies identified in the NHS provider chair development framework.

The appraisal framework is not intend to be prescriptive. While its broad principles should be reflected in local practices, Chairs, Senior Independent Directors and Lead Governors will wish to apply discretion in ensuring context-specific issues and requirements are given due prominence. As a minimum, we anticipate Chairs will participate in a face-to-face annual appraisal discussion that is informed by self-evaluation and feedback from a range of internal and external stakeholders. This framework includes an overview of that process, as well as suggested templates for collecting stakeholder feedback on the Chair’s impact and effectiveness in their role, and recording a summary of the key outcomes arising from the appraisal discussion.

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