Framework for conducting annual appraisals of NHS Chairs

This document builds on previous appraisal frameworks to create a standard and updated framework for NHS Chair annual appraisals.

The principal aim is to ensure the annual appraisal is a valuable and valued undertaking that provides an honest and objective assessment of a chair’s impact and effectiveness, while enabling potential support and development needs to be recognised and fully considered.

Informed by multisource feedback, the framework has been updated to incorporate the NHS Leadership Competency Framework and to align to the Fit and Proper Person Test framework launched in August 2023.

In providing the framework, and in aiming to establish a more standardised approach to the annual appraisal of chairs, we recognise that many organisations have developed and implemented local processes that are equally comprehensive, and which reflect specific contexts and existing good practice. Therefore, it is not intended that the framework is prescriptive: Rather, provided it can be shown that local variations are consistent with the broad principles established by the framework and include mechanisms for adequate multi-source assessment against the components of the NHS Leadership Competency Framework, context-specific flexibility can be maintained.

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