Primary Care Nursing Shared Professional Decision-Making Council

The Primary Care Nursing CNO national Shared Professional Decision-Making Council brings together a number of point of care nurses with a variety of different backgrounds and lengths of time working within primary care (including general practice). Discussing and debating the relevant professional, clinical and operational matters that are important to its members and to their colleagues; the Council provides an ongoing point of reference an available evidence base as well as real time point of care advice to support the CNO and their teams.

The Primary Care Nursing CNO National Shared Professional Decision-Making Council harnesses existing collective and non-hierarchical leadership principles to bring a different lens and insight to advise and inform the CNO around work that will be required to be progressed and undertaken as we use our learning and experience  from the Covid-19 pandemic . Examples of discussions include how in response to Covid-19, new ways of working clinically, operationally or in terms of governance were developed.

Council members were invited to join the council via a variety of routes and through key stakeholder engagement including a process of nominations from senior general practice and primary care nursing leaders from the General Practice Nursing (GPN) 10-Point Plan Regional Delivery Boards and the national COVID GPN Stakeholder Group.

The Primary Care Nursing CNO National Shared Professional Decision-Making Council was established on 22 July 2020 and currently meets monthly.


Sarah O’Donnell RGN, Senior Lead GPN and GPN Student Nurse Network (GPNSNN) National Lead – Chair
Ann Gregory RGN, Clinical Nurse Advisor for NHSX – Digital Primary Care and Nurse Practitioner in Sheffield. Digital Nurse Network Lead, NHS X and represents the Digital Nurse Network on HIMSS and CIMAD. Royal College of Nursing General Practice Nursing Forum Committee Member.
Julie Roye, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Primary Care Nurse Consultant: Lewisham Borough Based Board South East London Clinical Commissioning Group.
Shelbey Mahon, GPN and Lead Immunisation Nurse, Suffolk.
Claire Carmichael, Newly Qualified General Practice Nurse, Abbeywell Surgery, Romsey and Vice chair for the GPN student and nurse network.
Lorraine Clarke, Specialist Practitioner: Darlaston Medical Centre, Walsall CCG and mentor to pre and post-registration students.
Miriam Allen, Lead Nurse for Urgent Care Services and Nurse Education Lead: Westongrove Partnership Primary Care Network.
Sam Cunliffe, General Practice Nurse: Sheffield.
Skylar Crutchlow, Advanced Nurse Practitioner: North Coventry and Ambassador for GPN Student Nurse Network.
Emma De Chenu, Nurse Manager, University Health Service, Sheffield.
Luci Partridge, General Practice Nurse: Milton Keynes and Joint Lead GPN for NEXUS Primary Care Network.
Sara Baldwin, Nurse Partner: Central Park Surgery, Leyland.
Corrie Llewellyn, Lead Nurse and Advanced Nurse Practitioner at St Fillan’s Medical Centre and Ribble Medical Group Primary Care Network Lead Nurse: Greater Preston CCG. Member of Lancashire and South Cumbria Digital Exemplar Collaborative.

The Chair of the council was self-nominated and then ratified and meeting topics are proposed by council members. The Primary Care Nursing Team can be contacted on for any queries or further information.

The Nursing and Midwifery COVID-19 Catalogue of Change will be continually updated with new case studies, led by council members as they meet, discuss and agree shared learning and experiences aligned to the pandemic.