Information last updated: 5 September 2023.

Off the shelf exercises

Cyber incident response Exercise (CIRE) library

A number of cyber incident response scenarios have been created to help develop and test understanding of how cyber incident response should be carried out in a health and social care setting and context.

Accessing these materials can be found here: Cyber incident response exercise (CIRE) – NHS Digital.

Additionally the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have also developed a number of ‘exercises in a box’. Further details can be found on their website: Exercise in a Box – NCSC.GOV.UK

UKHSA OTSE library

The OTSE library is part of the UK Health Security (UKHSA) funded programme by Department of Health and Social Care. These exercise frameworks are designed to be used by NHS funded providers, UKHSA and other key local partners as a resource to help review and enhance emergency preparedness, resilience and response within health.

From Spring 2023, the OTSEs will be available on an online digital platform that will contain all currently available titles.

Requests for OTSEs should be made to the UKHSA Exercises Team at exercise.eprr@ukhsa.gov.uk, or search ‘ERD Exercises’ on Resilience Direct.