Partnerships and relationships

Our mission, with our partners, is to improve health and secure high-quality healthcare for the people of England, now and for future generations.

NHS England relies on numerous strategic partnerships at local and national level to deliver our business, and our partners rely on us to deliver theirs.

We collaborate and co-operate with organisations at national and local level to improve outcomes, meet the requirements of the mandate and ensure that the NHS operates within its financial resources.

NHS England supports and relies upon local healthcare professionals making decisions about services in partnership with their patients and communities. Our teams work closely with CCGs, GP practices, local authorities and Health and Wellbeing Boards.

The work of NHS England is supported by a number of national NHS and third-party organisations including NHS Digital, NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA), NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), NHS Property Services Ltd. (NHSPS) and Primary Care Support England (PCSE) provided by Capita. Additionally, NHS England hosts NHS Interim Management and Support (NHS IMAS) and sponsors the Sustainability Unit on behalf of the NHS.

We strive for consistency and coherence in the way we manage our relationships with partners in order to deliver our ambitions in the NHS Long Term Plan. We will continue to ensure we engage proactively with key delivery partners.