Information on Cross-Border Healthcare for the NHS in England and Wales

Guidance for people in England looking for information on cross border services for the NHS in England.

Borders between Clinical Commissioning Groups within the NHS in England

Who Pays? Establishing the Responsible Commissioner: This document sets out the circumstances which determine which clinical commissioning group is responsible for paying for a patient’s care within the NHS in England.

Responsible body guidance for the NHS in Wales:  This is the relevant guidance for the NHS in Wales.

England/Wales border

Cross border protocol
This protocol sets out the arrangements between the NHS in England and the NHS in Wales. It helps support patients who live on the England/Wales border and make sure they receive healthcare without confusion or delay.

International Borders

For any queries regarding treatment abroad please visit:

For more information see the England/Wales Cross Border Frequently Asked Questions.

The current cross-border protocol between England Wales is under review – content might not accurately reflect on-going arrangements. Please contact your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for further information.

Gloucestershire CCG
Telephone: 0800 0151 548

Herefordshire CCG
Text: 07540 668541, Fax: 01782 298228
Telephone: 0800 030 4563, or 0300 404 2999, ext 2453

Shropshire CCG
Freephone: 0800 032 0897
Text: 075 406 68541, Fax: 01782 298228

West Cheshire CCG
Freephone: 0800 132996