How do I become involved in or a member of my local senate?

Each of the 12 network and senate support teams will agree local governance arrangements with the national framework set out in The Way Forward: Clinical Senates.

The host Area Team Medical Director will oversee appointments with multi-professional input.

Although most teams will use NHS jobs for recruitment, potential applicants are recommended to  contact their local lead manager or the host Area Team Medical Director to get involved in local discussions about governance and ensure that they are informed when the adverts are placed.

A map showing the areas each senate will cover can be downloaded here.

The contact details of the Clinical Senate Managers for the networks and senate support teams can be found below. They will be able to advise on the latest position on governance and recruitment arrangements.

Clinical Senate Managers

Name Area E-mail
Ellie Devine South West
Wendy McClure Thames Valley
Debbie Kennedy Wessex
Ali Parsons South East Coast
Angela Knight Jackson West Midlands
Sue Edwards East of England
Sarah Hughes East Midlands
Sue Dutch London
Caroline Baines Cheshire & Merseyside
Caroline Baines Greater Manchester, Lancashire & South Cumbria
Wendy Ryder Northern England
Joanne Poole Yorkshire & the Humber