The NHS England National Prevent Sub Group is a multi-disciplinary team made up of nursing, safeguarding, security management, emergency preparedness and management specialists. The group was established to work together on the latest chapter of our safeguard duties that protect vulnerable individuals from being groomed in to terrorist activity or supporting terrorism.

What we do

The group provides national leadership to support healthcare organisations implement their contribution to the Government’s Prevent strategy and in doing so fulfil their statutory duties to prevent vulnerable individuals being exploited by criminals.  The team meet regularly to interpret national guidance and directives to ensure the Prevent programme is delivered consistently, proportionately and appropriately to across the health sector.


The aims of the group include:

  • Adopting a shared learning approach, creating a repository for national best practice to be shared and arranging national learning events.
  • Developing mechanisms to assure NHS England that the health sector contribution to HM Government Prevent Strategy is being realised.
  • Identifying and developing a national leadership network for Prevent.
  • Reporting to and making recommendations to the National Safeguarding Steering Group – Chaired by Hilary Garratt (Director of Nursing – Commissioning and Health Improvement).

The NPSG feeds in to the NSSG and uses members from each region to allow the flow of information to and from CCGs, NHS Trusts, NHS Foundation Trusts to ensure they are able to identify and appropriately support children and adults who may be vulnerable to radicalisation.  Later in 2015/16 this will extend to private and voluntary sector organisations working with those most at risk of radicalisation.

Regional Prevent Coordinators (RPCs) are appointed from Home Office funding to support the operational delivery of Prevent in healthcare organisations commissioned in priority areas across England.

The group helps partner agencies understand the health sector contribution to the Prevent strategy and strengthen partnership arrangements by developing the knowledge of our Prevent Lead network.

The group also supports healthcare organisations to understand their statutory or contractual obligations to implement Prevent and provide them with advice and tools to support their delivery that ensures consistent and relevant messages are relayed to staff.

The group is committed to helping healthcare staff understand their role in noticing individuals who may be at risk of radicalisation, and advise them on how best to share their concerns with their organisations.


To date the group has successfully:

  • Formed a network of Prevent Leads in all NHS commissioning and provider organisations across England.
  • Formed a network of WRAP Facilitators to enable delivery of Workshops to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP), and enable experienced WRAP Facilitators support the development and experience of new WRAP Facilitators.
  • Supported the Home Office delivery of events to consult specified authorities to develop legislation to ensure public sector organisations take necessary action to prevent individuals they work with from being groomed in to terrorist related activity.
  • Supported the Home Office delivery of events to raise awareness of Prevent related statutory duties that came in to effect on 1 July 2015.
  • Provided support to CCGs and NHS Trusts/FTs regarding the requirements to implement their statutory duties pertaining to Prevent and Channel, and support them with guidance.
  • Facilitated healthcare representation on multi-agency panels (Channel Panels) established to assess if individuals are at risk of being groomed in to terrorist activity.
  • Disseminated communications that allow organisations to raise general awareness of Prevent amongst the workforce and a Prevent Policy template organisations can work with rather than start afresh.

Future plans

The group hopes to establish relations with the European Union Radicalisation Awareness Network to facilitate the flow of international data for research and development to improve UK Prevent delivery and training.

Prevent FOI Guidance

Due to an increasing number of FOI requests relating to the Prevent Programme, the Department of Health, Home Office and NHS England have established guidance to assist you in determining how your organisation should respond to Prevent FOI requests.

If you receive an FOI that you require further advice on please contact Chris Whitehill, FOI Manager, NHS England: 07876 851749,

Mental Health representation on Channel Panels

The recent terrorist attacks in Europe are a reminder of the continued threat that we face from terrorism and the important role that individuals and organisations play in helping to keep the country safe. The purpose of this letter is to seek CCG support for the Government’s Prevent programme by ensuring that your NHS mental health providers fully engage with the Channel process and are represented on Channel panels.