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Healthcare can help identify victims of modern slavery

Ahead of the CNO Summit in March, the Anti-Slavery Partnership Coordinator for Kent and Essex Police highlights the importance of working together to address the issue: An important milestone in the fight against slavery and for social justice came when the Modern Slavery Act was enacted in March 2015. It unified and simplified previous legislation, […]


Other working groups will be established as required by the contextual safeguarding agenda and new safeguarding legislation. National Safeguarding Steering Group The National Safeguarding Steering Group (NSSG) co -chaired by Hilary Garratt Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for England – Professional and System Leadership, for NHS England leads the assurance of the NHS safeguarding system and […]

Preventing modern slavery: the role of the NHS

In the lead up to the 2019 National Safeguarding Conference, the Chief Executive of STOP THE TRAFFIK offers advice to NHS staff on how to spot the signs, report potential cases and help stop modern slavery:  Human trafficking and modern slavery is happening every day across the UK, affecting thousands of men, women and children. […]

Listening to important questions

There have been disturbing accounts in the media of nurses discussing end of life care with elderly patients in a blunt and impersonal way, particularly patients’ wishes concerning resuscitation. This morning I spoke to Roy Lilley, who described the experience his mother had. It was not good, upsetting and should not have happened. As a […]

Guidance for Designated Professionals Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS)

This document recognises the Designated Professionals Safeguarding Children role in the CCG as strategic leaders and professional advisors across the system. This guidance has been produced to support their role in ensuring the addition of CP-IS in the NHS Contract 2017/19 (SC32.8, page 35) is promoted and implmented.

Safeguarding children and adults in the future NHS

The NHS Commissioning Board Authority has published interim advice on arrangements to secure children’s and adult safeguarding, which provides additional information, in particular, to emerging clinical commissioning groups.  A covering letter reminds PCTs and SHAs of the vital importance of maintaining appropriate arrangements as the health system goes through transition. The interim advice, with a […]

Female Genital Mutilation Prevention Programme: Requirements for NHS staff

Statement by the Department of Health and NHS England Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is child abuse and the Department of Health and NHS England are committed to caring for FGM survivors, protecting our girls from FGM, and preventing future generations from having to undergo FGM. On 22 July 2014, the UK hosted the first Girl […]

Take me as I am

Kirstie Stott contemplates whether our own vulnerability hampers the way we work in the NHS: Having not blogged for some time now, I have been waiting for the moment when something really inspired me or when it captured me emotionally. I’ve just had that day! I attended the funeral of a beautiful and amazing 15-year-old […]