Patient Safety Specialists

The requirement for NHS organisations in England to identify one or more person as their designated Patient Safety Specialist(s) is a key part of the NHS Patient Safety Strategy

The majority of NHS trusts, foundation trusts and CCGs have now completed the process of identifying their Patient Safety Specialists, who will lead on patient safety across their organisation.

These specialists will work full time as patient safety experts, providing dynamic, senior leadership, visibility and support. In addition, they will support the development of a patient safety culture, safety systems and improvement activity.

Specialists will also work in networks with Patient Safety Specialists from other organisations to share good practice and learn from each other, making them fundamental to patient safety across the NHS in England.

Ultimately each Patient Safety Specialist will be fully trained in the national patient safety syllabus.

Supporting organisations to identify Patient Safety Specialist(s)

OurĀ  Identifying Patient Safety Specialists document is designed to support NHS organisations in identifying individuals with the right skills and experience to take on the role as a Patient Safety Specialist. The document outlines the purpose of Patient Safety Specialists, the key requirements of the role, and how we expect them to work in their own organisation, as well as with local, regional and national partners.

Patient Safety Specialists must be registered with the National Patient Safety team. Any organisations still to register their specialist(s), should contact to request details of how to do this.

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