Developing the national tariff

Updates on the development of the NHS payment system, including news on payment systems in development, the current national tariff payment system and supporting information, and access to past tariffs.


Latest news

2020/21 National tariff published

The 2020/21 national tariff was published on 19 November 2020. However, the block payment arrangements (described below) will continue for the rest of 2020/21 and there is no need to submit another local variation statement.

Payment system and COVID-19

As part of the NHS response to COVID-19, all NHS trusts and foundation trusts will move to block contract payments ‘on account’. The usual national tariff payment architecture and associated administrative/transactional processes will be suspended during this time.

Guidance on contracting and payment to support this has been published. This includes a template statement that can be used to record the departure from current payment arrangements required by the move to a block contract.

On 31 July 2020, the Third phase of the NHS response to COVID-19 was published. This explains the financial arrangements that will be used for the rest of 2020/21. An Elective letter was published on 20 August, giving more details on how block payments will flex to reflect expected elective activity levels.

2020/21 HRG4+ local payment grouper published

The HRG4+ 2020/21 local payment grouper and associated documentation is now available from the NHS Digital National Casemix Office.

Version 2 of the grouper was released on 20 July 2020 and reflects changes in the HRG mapping of codes relating to the COVID-19 infection. This includes 6 new HRGs in a new subchapter, DX COVID-19 infection. The new HRGs will be locally priced.

Spinal surgery BPT reports available

The reports for the Spinal surgery BPT are now available on NCDR and GEMIMA. We will no longer be publishing summary reports on our website as this was a short term measure while the reports were being developed on NCDR and GEMIMA.

The reports can now be viewed at provider level, or by region and they include both NHS trusts and independent sector providers.

To access the reports, visit:

  • GEMIMA, for CCGs. If CCGs do not have access to GEMIMA, they will need to request access.
  • NCDR portal, for providers. If access is not already in place, providers can register at and request access to the Provider container.

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Current payment system, guidance and support

Access to past national tariffs

The national tariff payment system replaced the previous Payment by Results system from 2014/15. You can download all formal documents and policies from each previous tariff year. All consultation and other supporting documents are also available, please contact if you wish to access any of these.