Dental contract reform

Department of Health and Social Care (and later jointly with NHS England from 2013) have been testing alternatives or amendments to the current activity-based contracts and agreements since 2010 with the programme looking at both clinical and remuneration models. The programme offers opportunities to further improve oral health, reduce health inequalities and address issues with dentists’ morale, workforce retention, and patient access.

The Office of the Chief Dental Officer provides clinical leadership for the programme. The clinical aspects of the programme offer a clinical pathway which prioritises prevention and self-care in line with our long-term plan principles.

The remuneration system for prototypes offers a blended capitation and activity model which is closer to, and builds on, the 2006 contract and regulations. This combines a continuing capitation payment for prevention and a modification of the current UDA system for some, or all, ‘restorative treatment’. The prototyping has been achieved through introducing a variation to the current GDS contract or PDS agreement, covering the contract metrics.

Further information can be found on the NHS Business Services Authority website.