ROAN Information Sheet 48. Update for responsible officer network on framework for quality assurance

Further to the last update of March 2022 on this topic, we write with information about the Framework for Quality Assurance (FQA). In April 2022, the Professional Standards Strategic Oversight Group (PSSOG) agreed to a process of revision to the FQA. A Professional Standards Working Group has now been formed to undertake this. We are co-chairing this group, which will now review the FQA and make recommendations to PSSOG on assurance processes going forwards.

While this review takes place, the current activities for assurance will continue: organisations are encouraged to report their appraisal data in their annual board report and statement of compliance. Also, although there will again be no national Annual Organisational Audit (AOA) data collection in April 2023, designated bodies can still look to the parameters of the AOA and board report as indicators of good practice, suitable for local assurance and improvements.

Thank you for your patience as this process of reviewing the FQA takes place. Important though these matters are, they must find their position in the priorities faced by the system more generally. The members of the working group are looking forward to gathering input as widely as possible. We believe that the extra time needed for this review will lead to a framework that is better suited to the current needs of the professional standards programme in the context of the new NHS.

Dr Jane Fryer
Medical Director for System Improvement and Professional Standards

Dr Gareth Wallis
Medical Director for System Improvement and Professional Standards
NHSE London Region NHS England – North West

Co-Chairs, Professional Standards Working Group – Framework for Quality Assurance