ROAN information sheet 15: Appraisal: minimising the paperwork to maximise the benefit – advice for doctors

Appraisal preparation is a necessary task. These hints aim to maximise your professional benefit for your time invested.

Preparation – general

  1. Gather material and reflect during the year. Use an App, or a desktop folder.
  2. Timetable your preparation. Preparation should be possible in 3-5 hours if your material is ready.
  3. Keep reflections concise. Meaningful reflection is possible in three sentences:
    • What? (Simple description)
    • So what? (How it is relevant to you)
    • What next? (Your resulting action).
  4. Submit two weeks before, so your appraiser can prepare, and your head is clear.

Preparation – your submission

  1. What you need from your appraisal. Present your achievements, challenges and aspirations. This is the most important part – give it thought.
  2. Who you are and what you do. Most forms set this out clearly.
  3. Reflect on your supporting information. Write a paragraph about each of:
    • last year’s PDP and its usefulness;
    • your CPD (an overview, not necessarily every item);
    • your Quality Improvement Activities (an overview, not necessarily every item);
    • any Significant Events;
    • any complaints;
    • feedback from colleagues and patients (‘formal’/solicited and/or ‘informal’/unsolicited);
    • your compliance with the four domains of Good Medical Practice. Within each, choose one piece of supporting information and write a paragraph making the connection with that domain. Keep this specific and brief.

Final comments

Some on-line appraisal services are well-designed; some are over-embellished. The MAG 4.2 appraisal form is intended as the benchmark for all others to follow. These pointers aim to help you be confident about the essentials. Only do more if useful to you. Make your appraisal work for you; it exists to improve patient care by supporting and motivating you, as well as assure your practice. If it is not, discuss with your appraiser.

This information sheet is relevant to all designated bodies in England.

Released March 2018.