ROAN information sheet 19: Appraisal out of training posts

A doctor temporarily exiting training temporarily who connects to a non-HEE designated body before returning to training still requires annual appraisal.

The Medical Appraisal Logistics Handbook (Topic 6: Doctors who temporarily exit training) allows for the appraisal format to be adjusted from that set out in the Medical Appraisal Guide to meet the needs of the doctor but this does not change the need for the designated body to provide an appraisal for the doctor.

If the doctor moves between non-HEE designated bodies in this time, their appraisal should be arranged by the designated body with which they hold a prescribed connection on their appraisal due date (the 12 month anniversary from their most recent ARCP.

Responsible officers therefore need to establish every doctor’s appraisal requirements as soon as a prescribed connection is formed. (Medical Appraisal Logistics Handbook: Topic 2 – Scheduling medical appraisal)

Further information

This information sheet is relevant to all designated bodies in England.

Released September 2019.