ROAN information sheet 36: Intercollegiate document on safeguarding guidance, 2019 revision

The intercollegiate document on safeguarding training guidance, published in 2014, has been updated.

Doctors at all levels should be aware of the recommendations for safeguarding training described in this document and consider their own needs in respect of this. They also need to consider their safeguarding learning needs in the round with all of their CPD requirements and strike a professional balance with this.

Effective learning is achieved by a number of means and so a variety of CPD and quality improvement is legitimate for safeguarding as with other areas.

Appraisers are well poised to support doctors in terms of having a professional conversation with them about their CPD needs across their full scope of work, including safeguarding. It is the doctor’s role to judge whether the level of CPD activity undertaken in an area is sufficient to maintain their proficiency in that area. Whilst the appraiser is in a position to review and if necessary challenge this, it is not the role of the appraiser to count whether time spent in CPD meets the level described in this or any other guidance.

Employing/commissioning organisations are at liberty to set out their own policies on expectations of CPD or other professional activities, including those relating to safeguarding. The systems regulator may also set expectations on such matters. These should be monitored via governance processes outside the medical appraisal process, to preserve the function of appraisal as primarily a professional support and development vehicle, not a compliance process.

This information sheet is relevant to all designated bodies in England.

Released December 2019.