ROAN information sheet 29: email addresses for NHS England appraisers

Appraisal offices periodically meet resistance from CCG, CSU or other personnel reluctant to allocate a email account to an NHS England medical appraiser on the grounds that they are not active clinicians, or do not require a email for another reason.

The role of NHS England medical appraiser on its own is sufficient justification for the provision of a account. The consultancy agreement for NHS England appraisers specifies that appraisers:

  • ‘shall use an ‘’ email address for all electronic communications or such other secure email address or other processes as may be authorised by NHS England from time to time’.

The key justification for this is that the holding of the NHS email account is necessary to enable the appraiser to comply with the NHS England information governance policy.

Offices are therefore invited to present this information sheet as reassurance to a colleague responsible for creating these accounts who is uncertain about this matter.

This information sheet is relevant primarily to NHS England responsible officers.

Released May 2019.