About us

South East Clinical Networks (CN) support delivery of the core clinical programmes within the NHS Five Year Forward View by connecting commissioners, providers, professionals, patients and the public across pathways of care with the aim of improving health outcomes. This is achieved by sharing best practice and innovation, assessing and benchmarking quality and outcomes and driving improvement where required through targeted support.

Clinical leadership is central to all programmes and ensures the breadth of clinical engagement required in programme delivery across the pathways of care. Commissioning decisions are also supported by the wide patient/carer/public engagement encouraged through the large South East CN People Bank.

The core focus of all the clinical programmes is to reduce unwarranted variation, improve cohesion and ensure sustainable services across pathways of care for patients, both now and in the future.

South East Clinical Networks (KSS) business plan for 2018-19

2019/20 South East clinical networks annual report on achievements’

The 2017/18 south east clinical networks annual report on achievements provides detail on the challenges, interventions and outcomes achieved over the year.