South East Diabetes Programme

The prevalence of adult diabetes across Kent, Surrey & Sussex is 7.3% of the population, an estimated 266,350 people are registered with diabetes and this is expected to rise to 371,487 by 2030.  17% of inpatient beds are occupied by people with diabetes.

Diabetes currently accounts for 10% of NHS expenditure.


The aim of the programme is to support the implementation of the NHS Mandate objective to:

“engage with five million people who are at high risk of diabetes and improve the management and care of people with diabetes”

This objective is underpinned by the Diabetes Indicators in the Improvement and Assessment Framework


The NHS England Diabetes Aide Memoire lays out the deliverables to be achieved by 2020:

  • Reduction in the projected growth in the incidence of diabetes
  • Support more people to manage their own care effectively
  • Improvement treatment and care received

How we work

The Diabetes Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) brings together commissioning and provider leads, patients/carers and other organisations to support implementation, advice and shared learning across Kent, Surrey & Sussex.

Current Diabetes CAG work includes:

  • The successful bid for Kent, Surrey & Sussex to be a Wave One site for the new national diabetes prevention programme and provides support and advice to support for the implementation of this programme.
  • The Foot Care subgroup which provides shared learning and baseline data and information to support the reduction of amputation rates.
  • Supporting the improvement of the Improvement assessment indicators for:
    • Improving attendance at diabetes structured patient education
    • Reducing the variation in the achievement of the 3 NICE recommended treatments targets for HbA1C, Cholesterol and blood pressure.
    • Working in partnership with the London and South East Children and Young People Diabetes Network.

The South East Diabetes Programme works closely with Public Health England, NHS Digital, Kent, Surrey & Sussex Academic Health and Science Network, the London and South East Children and Young People Diabetes Network; Diabetes UK and other charity organisations to ensure alignment and a co-ordinated support offer.


If you would like further information or are interested in getting involved, please contact: