South East Mental Health and Dementia Programme

One in four adults and one in 10 children experience mental ill health, and there are many more of us who know and care for people who do.  People can and do recover, and yet for too long people have been stigmatised and marginalised, unable to access the high quality support and treatment they need to fulfil their life ambitions.


The aim of the programme is to support the transformation of mental health and dementia services across the South East by 2020/21, in line with the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020.  The ambition is to radically improve the experience of care, putting put mental health on an equal footing to physical health in the NHS.


NHS England has established a comprehensive national mental health transformation programme which aims to deliver substantial improvements across the entire age range by 2020/21.  It is accompanied by significant additional investment over the five years of the programme, and includes new access and waiting time standards to support delivery.

Implementing the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health lays out the deliverables for the national programme, which includes specific actions in relation to:

  • Children and young people’s (CYP) mental health
  • Perinatal mental health (delivered under our maternity programme)
  • Adult common mental health problems
  • Adult community, acute and crisis care
  • Adult secure care pathway
  • Health and justice
  • Suicide prevention
  • Testing new approaches
  • A healthy NHS workforce
  • Infra-structure and hardwiring

Further dementia deliverables are outlined in the Improvement and Assessment Framework Indicators.

The South East Mental Health and Dementia Clinical Network provides local support and advice in delivering this transformation to STPs (sustainability and transformation partnerships), ICBs (Integrated Care Boards) and providers across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.