Members are not appointed to represent a given interest, they are appointed for the quality of their leadership, credibility and knowledge. A work plan, agreed by the network core group ensures that the network remains inclusive and that the Local Dental Network as a whole is representative of the range of member’s interests, with a clear focus on improving outcomes for patients.

Name Representing Designation
Matthew Jerreat NHS England South West Local Dental Network Chair, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
Chris Bell NHS England, Oral Surgery MCN MCN Chair, Consultant in Oral Surgery
Clare McNamara NHS England, Orthodontic MCN MCN Chair, Consultant in Orthodontics
Sarah Dewhurst NHS England, Paediatric MCN MCN Chair, Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry
Lorna Hollingworth NHS England, Special Care Dentistry MCN MCN Chair, Consultant in Special Care Dentistry
Claire Forbes-Haley NHS England, Restorative Dentistry MCN MCN Chair, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
Jonathan Bouwer-Davies NHS England, Urgent Care MCN MCN Chair, Dental Director
Sarah Naylor NHS England, Secure Settings MCN MCN Chair
Jenna Murgatroyd Cornwall LDC LDC Chair, GDP
Charles Pidgeon Devon LDC LDC Chair, GDP
Andre Louw Somerset LDC LDC Chair, GDP
Sarah Jackson Dorset LDC Interim LDC Chair, GDP
vacant Avon LDC TBC
Philippa Risley Pritchard Wiltshire LDC LDC Chair, GDP
Leo O’Hara Gloucestershire  LDC LDC Chair, GDP
Jane Luker Health Education England Dental Postgraduate Dean
Elizabeth King Bristol Dental School Consultant Senior Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry
Rob Witton Peninsula Dental School Professor of Community Dentistry
Harriet Buley-Snell Dental Care Professionals Representative Regional Dental Care Professional Development Lead, HEE SW
Sobie Akram Training Grades Representative Post-CCST Orthodontics
Jo Osorio Patient Representative Lay Member
Tony Robinson Healthwatch Representative Local Board Member, Healthwatch Somerset
Emily Hutt Local Authority Representative Oral Health Lead, Somerset County Council
Robert Nelder Local Authority Representative Consultant in Public Health, Plymouth City Council
Steve Sylvester NHS England Director of Specialised Commissioning and Health & Justice
Peter Wilson NHS England Medical Director
Ian Biggs NHS England Director of Primary Care and Public Health Commissioning
Laila Pennington NHS England Head of Primary Care
Annie Tysom NHS England Head of Development
Mel Smoker NHS England Senior Programme Manager
Amy Claridge NHS England Programme Manager (Dental Reform)
Tessa Fielding NHS England Programme Manager (Devon, Cornwall, Dorset & Somerset)
Jo Lawton NHS England Programme Manager (BNSSG, BSW and Gloucestershire)
Zoe Allen NHS England Consultant in Dental Public Health
Jane Impey NHS England Dental Network Manager
Sarah McFarlane NHS England Dental Network Manager
Joanne Purvis NHS England Dental Network Manager