Members are not appointed to represent a given interest, they are appointed for the quality of their leadership, credibility and knowledge. A work plan, agreed by the network core group ensures that the network remains inclusive and that the Local Dental Network as a whole is representative of the range of member’s interests, with a clear focus on improving outcomes for patients.



Core member


SW LDN Clinical Chair   Graham Adlard


Chair: Oral Surgery MCN   Chris Bell


Andrew Birnie


Chair: Special Care MCN    Tony Brooke


Dan Knibb


LDC Avon  


John Cantwell


Brad Hall


Director of Assurance and Delivery Amanda Fisk


Dental Contract Manager NHSE SW   Tessa Fielding

Lynn Combes


Assistant Dental Contract Manager NHSE SW   James Warren

Debbie Freeman


Consultant in Dental Public Health   Paul Harwood


Rob Witton


Devon LDC   Tim Hodges


Robert Mew


Chair: Restorative Dentistry MCN   Matt Jerreat


Somerset LDC   Jane Foggin


Gary Irvine


Dental Postgraduate Dean   Jane Luker



Lucy Silk

Chair: Orthodontic MCN   Joe McGill

Nick Wenger


Cornwall  LDC Andrew Taylor