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Understanding complexity

Simple/ complicated / complex model [more info from 14:29] Video NHS Horizons
Understanding and Working with Complexity [more info] Blog Horizons and Andrew Singfield
Complexity and spread Spread and Complexity in the NHS [more info] Blog Diane Ketley
  Looking at Spread – Three Helpful Lenses [more info] Blog Diane Ketley
  Spreading and scaling up innovation and improvement [more info] Paper Trisha Greenhalgh
NHS as a complex adaptive system Changing how we think about healthcare improvement [more info] Paper and audio recording Jeremy Braithwaite
Adaptive spaces

‘Adaptive Spaces’ for an emerging future [more info] Blog Q community
What is Adaptive space? a Brief Introduction [more info] Short video Gareth Evans
Adaptive Space in Action [more info] Short video Matthew Mezey
Adaptive space – Overview of the work of Mary Uhl-Bien [more info] Short video Diane Ketley
How ‘Adaptive Spaces’ enable innovation in healthcare and beyond [more info] Q community webinar Mary Uhl-Bien
How to master the art of creating ‘Adaptive Spaces [more info] Q community webinar Mary Uhl-Bien
Mary Uhl-Bien in Conversation: COVID-19, complexity leadership and spread of innovation [more info] Video recording Mary Uhl-Bien
Adaptive Spaces, Networks…. and a Challenge Called Spread [more info, additional blogs] Blog Diane Ketley
Complexity Leadership Theory: Shifting from Human Capital to Social Capital [more info] Paper M Arena and Mary Uhl-Bien
How to Catalyse Innovation in Your Organisation [more info] Paper M Arena and others
Working with complexity

Navigate Complexity: Three Habits of Mind [more info] Blog Sonja Blignaut
Three habits of mind [more info] Video Jennifer Garvey Berger and Keith Johnston
Complexity frameworks

Cynefin framework introduction [more info], details [more info and here] Video, Video recording and book chapter Jennifer Garvey Berger, D Snowden
Stacey framework  [more info and here] Blog and video recording R Stacey

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