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Understanding complexity

Simple/complicated/complex model Video from 14:29 NHS Horizons
Understanding and Working with Complexity Blog Horizons and Andrew Singfield
Complexity and spread Spread and Complexity in the NHS Blog Diane Ketley
  Looking at Spread – Three Helpful Lenses Blog Diane Ketley
  Spreading and scaling up innovation and improvement Paper Trisha Greenhalgh
NHS as a complex adaptive system Changing how we think about healthcare improvement Paper and audio recording Jeremy Braithwaite
Adaptive spaces

‘Adaptive Spaces’ for an emerging future Blog Q community
What is Adaptive space? a Brief Introduction Short video Gareth Evans
Adaptive Space in Action Short video Matthew Mezey
Adaptive space – Overview of the work of Mary Uhl-Bien Short video Diane Ketley
How ‘Adaptive Spaces’ enable innovation in healthcare and beyond Q community webinar Mary Uhl-Bien
How to master the art of creating ‘Adaptive Spaces’ Q community webinar Mary Uhl-Bien
Mary Uhl-Bien in Conversation: COVID-19, complexity leadership and spread of innovation Video recording Mary Uhl-Bien
Adaptive Spaces, Networks…. and a Challenge Called Spread Blog Diane Ketley
Complexity Leadership Theory: Shifting from Human Capital to Social Capital Paper M Arena and Mary Uhl-Bien
How to Catalyse Innovation in Your Organisation Paper M Arena and others
Working with complexity

Navigate Complexity: Three Habits of Mind Blog Sonja Blignaut
Three habits of mind Video Jennifer Garvey Berger and Keith Johnston
Complexity frameworks

Cynefin framework introduction Video, Video recording and book chapter Jennifer Garvey Berger, D Snowden
Stacey framework Blog and video recording R Stacey

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