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NHS sets out long COVID action plan for thousands of people with persistent symptoms

Patients with long-lasting symptoms from COVID will have access to more convenient tests and checks closer to home, under new NHS measures announced on 28 July.

Specialist clinics, dedicated to long COVID, will now be able to send people for tests at local one stop shops and mobile clinics, rather than people going back to their GP practice for multiple different tests.

Backed by an additional £90 million investment, the updated long COVID plan includes ambitions for all patients to have an initial assessment within six weeks to ensure they are diagnosed and treated quickly.

Delivery plan for tackling the COVID-19 backlog of elective care

Recovery of elective services

The NHS remains committed to recovering elective care services following publication earlier this year of the NHS and Government’s blueprint to address backlogs built up during the COVID pandemic and tackle long waits for care.

The ‘Delivery plan for tackling the COVID-19 backlog of elective care’, shares plans to give patients greater control over their own health and offer greater choice of where to get care if they are waiting too long for treatment.

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