Core20PLUS ambassadors

The National Healthcare Inequalities Improvement programme has recruited over 100 Core20PLUS ambassadors to promote the importance of reducing inequalities across the healthcare system and to drive this important agenda forwards. The ambassadors are people working within the NHS who are committed to narrowing healthcare inequalities and ensuring equitable access, excellent experience, and optimal outcomes for all – particularly Core20PLUS populations who are more likely to experience healthcare inequalities. These include people living in areas of high deprivation, ethnic minority communities and inclusion health groups.

The ambassadors will be supported to form local, regional and national networks with others who seek to improve healthcare inequalities. Ambassadors will be offered platforms to actively champion healthcare inequality improvement and will form an expert reference group for regional and national bodies seeking to narrow healthcare inequalities. A range of development opportunities will be available to support ambassadors in their role.

Enquiries about the Core20PLUS Ambassadors Scheme can be directed to Please reference ‘Core20PLUS ambassadors’ within your email subject field.

Reducing healthcare inequalities - Core20PLUS infographic

Download a PDF of the above Core20PLUS5 infographic