HFMA Health Inequality Finance Fellowship

The new HFMA Health Inequality Finance Fellowship provides an opportunity to harness the ambition of the finance community in supporting the health inequalities agenda.

Investing in finance staff who are passionate and already working in this area is intended to spread ideas and enthusiasm to the wider NHS finance community.

These Fellows will support CORE20PLUS Ambassadors who may struggle to make improvements without understanding the important role finance plays. The HFMA is providing specialist training and guidance to Fellows who will also receive the training and resources offered to Ambassadors.

Applications can be made via this expression of interest form. The deadline is 15 September 2023. Supporting documents to help with applications can be found on Health Inequalities Improvement Future NHS page.

Enquiries about the HFMA Health Inequality Finance Fellowship can be directed to england.healthinequalities@nhs.net. Please reference ‘HFMA HIFF’ within your email subject field.