Carol and Paul Wilson

Carol and her husband, Paul, had just returned from a week off in Cornwall when, in June 2021, Carol woke up to an intense cramp in her left leg and as she tried to roll over, she fell out of bed. She had a terrible headache, and her vision was blurred. She called for her husband and, when Carol was unable to move her limbs, she said to him, ‘I think I’m having a stroke’. Paul rang for an ambulance, and it was there within minutes. 


Carol went to the hospital, where they performed a thrombectomy. Within seconds of the blood clot being removed, she was able to regain feeling in her limbs and her vision had returned. By that afternoon, Carol was having a cup of tea and only needed to remain in hospital for two days.  

Carol is passionate about spreading awareness of stroke and urges everyone to dial 999 straight away if they spot any one of these signs. Thanks to her husband’s actions, Carol was able to celebrate her 50th birthday with a trip of a lifetime, travelling to France and Spain in their campervan. Carol and Paul have since celebrated their 20-year wedding anniversary, having been together for 30 years.

Carol says: “If it wasn’t for my husband, Paul, dialling 999 when he did, I wouldn’t be here today living the life that I am. Being aware of Act F.A.S.T.  and the signs of a stroke could save someone’s life. Thanks to my husband, I’ve been able to experience some incredible memories, from being able to spend time with my two grandsons, being by my daughter’s side for the birth of our second grandchild, and travelling around Europe in our campervan for my 50th birthday. Fittingly, we also celebrated our 20-year anniversary last year!”