Jashwant and Sushila Naker

In Summer 2021, Jashwant and Sushila were watching the Olympic Games when Jashwant’s vision went blurry, and his speech slurred. Sushila acted F.A.S.T. and drove him to hospital where he remained for three days. Since his stroke, they’ve enjoyed their 70 and 80th birthdays and big trips around the world. This April, Jashwant and Sushila are celebrating their Diamond wedding anniversary together.

Jashwant says: “If it wasn’t for the fast actions of my wife, Sushila, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to live the life that I’ve been able to over the past decade. One thing I always say is that you should always stay close to your loved ones, they’re the ones that know you best and can spot the signs of stroke straight away. Sushila has been by my side through it all and we’re so excited to celebrate our Diamond anniversary together.”