Dr John and Margo Stephens

GP Dr John had returned from a holiday in France in summer ’21 when Margo noticed he was stumbling and had some facial weakness. Margo did the F.A.S.T. test and called 999. John had an immediate thrombectomy in hospital, with intensive rehab, and was back at home after six weeks. Dr John was able to find his passion for singing again last year and had the honour of singing at Salisbury Cathedral and featuring in the choir for Evensong at an old Chorister’s reunion.

Dr John says: “I feel so lucky that, not only was my wife with me when I had the stroke, but she’s a speech and language therapist so knew exactly what was happening! I’m so incredibly grateful to her for getting help so quickly and I wouldn’t have had the recovery I did if it wasn’t for her. I’m now delighted to say that I’ve recovered well, and I even got my singing voice back to sing at Salisbury Cathedral for Evensong  – a real life highlight!”