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Attendees at the CAHPO Awards

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Read about the potential and role of AHPs within the health, social and wider care system.

Allied Health Professionals making integrated care a reality

NHS England CEO Simon Stevens and AHP colleagues tell us about the important role AHPs play in improving care for patients, streamlining services, and supporting NHS staff.

As we move towards delivering more integrated health and care, closer to home and out of hospital, the role of AHPs has never been more important.

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A message from ‘Q’

The Deputy Clinical Director and Professional Head of Allied Health Professions(AHPs) urges AHPs to sign up to the Quality Improvement movement: We celebrated the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer’s annual conference earlier this month – and ‘celebrated’ is no misnomer. It was a hugely stimulating day – it always is – with excellent speakers who […]