Allied health professions (AHPs’) day

National AHPs’ day

As developed by the #AHPCommunity itself, allied health professions (AHPs) day across England on October 14 2023, is when AHPs/AHP teams connect and celebrate AHPs. We encourage you to celebrate on the day itself and/or throughout the week.

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, Professor Suzanne Rastrick’s AHPs Live address will take place on Friday 13 October 2023 at 9:30am.

Understanding national AHPs’ day

As the third-largest clinical workforce within the health and care, allied health professions (AHPs) play a pivotal role in supporting the NHS Long Term Plan. AHPs day is an annual occasion for AHPs in England and now internationally to unite and revel in their contribution. This day offers a platform to spotlight the remarkable impact AHPs have on the delivery of care. The collaborations across services, organisations, regions, and nations allow us to achieve:

  • Reinforced awareness about the vital roles of each of the individual AHPs.
  • Highlighting local service achievements and their profound influence on patient care and public health.
  • Collaborative efforts with other services and organisations for integrated working.
  • A showcase for those considering a career as an allied health professional.

Origins of AHPs’ Day: a spark ignites a movement

In 2018, Rachael Brandreth, a visionary dietitian, and Carrie Biddle, a dynamic speech and language therapist, found themselves on a bus, reflecting on a demanding day’s work. Their thoughts converged around AHPs into Action and the potential for AHPs to amplify their impact even further. This contemplation birthed a bold idea: to launch a social movement that would champion the exceptional qualities of AHPs. Their Post on X (formerly Twitter) to Professor Suzanne Rastrick OBE, the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer of England, about an AHP appreciation day, set a spark in motion. The reverberations were astonishing; Suzanne’s retweet initiated a whirlwind of interest on X (formerly Twitter).

In under 24 hours, all 14 AHP professions rallied behind the concept, culminating in the birth of AHPs’ Day on 14th October 2018.

Year after year, the momentum has surged, with escalating enthusiasm and activity. By 2021, it became evident to the AHP community that the social movement had fulfilled its mission. AHPs’ Day had transcended its inception to become an integral fixture in the annual calendar. Our deepest gratitude extends to Rachael and Carrie for their unwavering inspiration and relentless dedication that gave birth to this celebratory day.

This year’s theme for AHPs’ Day

Following the recent publication of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan we are suggesting highlighting the synergy with one of the ‘enhanced foundations’ from our strategy AHPs Deliver of: AHPs in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills as the theme.

As always strengthening and promoting ‘the AHP community’ (as one of the areas of focus from AHPs Deliver) underpins the celebrations. Let us acknowledge the impactful skills in patient care; inspire the future workforce; and foster connections that ensure AHPs are integral to workforce transformation and pathway enhancements within systems.

Who’s it for?

AHPs day extends its warm embrace to all facets of the AHP community. Whether you’re a support worker, assistant practitioner, registered professional, pre-registration apprentice, or a dedicated student, you’re at the heart of this celebration. Yet, it doesn’t end there. Anyone with a desire to honour the remarkable contributions of AHPs and those eager to delve into the world of these exceptional professions is wholeheartedly welcomed.

What can we do to join in?

AHPs’ day comes alive through local initiatives and opportunities. Explore past celebrations and the exciting upcoming plans by following #AHPsDay on X (formerly Twitter). Exciting events are developing within NHS trusts across the nation, forming a tapestry that celebrates the excellence of AHPs.

Reach out and connect

For queries about AHPs’ day, or to become part of this dynamic community, connect with us at


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