Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) Awards 2021

The CAHPO Awards 2021 are now open from 20 May 2021 till 31 July 2021

Please download the following documents to submit your nominations.

All completed nominations must be submitted as an email attachment to with email subject heading ‘CAHPO Awards – {Award name} – {name of nominee}’.

Please view our frequently asked questions page for further queries regarding the awards.

Read our blog post to understand the changes to the awards nomination process this year and how we have enabled greater inclusivity.

We are now in the fifth year of the awards. This is a unique opportunity for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), either nominated by their peers or by themselves, to receive recognition for their personal contributions towards delivery of exceptional care for patients. We continue to be impressed and inspired by AHPs in practice for their dedication, innovation and leadership. The awards also promote adoption and dissemination of good practice been delivered by nominated AHPs and gives teams the chance to review their work and look at the impact they have made to services.

As the third largest workforce in the NHS, AHPs play an important role in the NHS and are vital to the delivery of the ambitions in the NHS Long Term Plan, the awards provide an opportunity to highlight the incredible work been carried out by AHPs.

We are grateful that again, we are able to deliver the awards in partnership with NHS Employers, Public Health England, NHSX, Health Education England, National Institute for Health Research(NIHR), Council for AHP Research (CAHPR) and Council of Deans Of Health

We regret that we couldn’t proceed with the CAHPO Awards last year (2020) however we would be considering the applications received last year together with the applications which will be submitted this year.

The award 2021 categories are:

Creative provision of placements award 2021 – awarded by Council of Deans of Health

Nominations are welcomed from AHP leaders, educators and/or students from health and social care or education (teams or individuals) who have helped change the face of AHP practice-based learning in the context of the challenges generated by the pandemic. This should include initiatives that have increased the number of practice-based learning opportunities and will sustain this increase whilst maintaining or improving quality. Initiatives can be small or large, it is the creativity and potential that we are interested in. The application must demonstrate delivery of work that has increased practice-based learning capacity in an innovative way and that has potential to have impact at scale. Applications should describe the challenge, what was done and the impact, including how the approach could be adopted at scale in the future.

Public health champion award 2021 – awarded by Public Health England

This award recognises an AHP team or individual who has delivered service improvements which benefit population health and wellbeing and/or reduced health inequalities.  Nominations are welcome from AHPs and their teams including support workers and students.

Nominations are welcome demonstrating innovations, projects or initiatives in any setting that reflect how AHPs have led or significantly contributed to improvements in the health of a population. A strong nomination would be supported by evidence of impact on population health and health inequalities and descriptions of how the innovation, project or initiative could be scaled and/or spread.

AHP digital practice award 2021 – awarded by NHSX

Nominations are welcome from AHPs who have led the way in digital developments.  They need to be able to demonstrate innovation in information and communication technologies and how the innovation, project or initiative impacts in one or more of the impact areas, commitments or priorities in AHPs into Action.  This could include how AHPs have used data to drive quality improvement or how they have embedded new technologies in practice.

AHP workforce transformation award 2021 – awarded by Health Education England

Nominations are welcome for this award from individual AHPs or teams who are demonstrating transformation through innovation in AHP workforce supply, this can include or be from pre-registration through to post programmes settings e.g., new ways of offering work experience, return to practice, advance practice and international recruitment. Nominations are encouraged from those looking to grow their own sustainable AHP workforce e.g., development of support workers and apprenticeships. Applications need to demonstrate how the delivery of their work that has increased expansion of learning opportunities for current and future staff and will provide a sustainable flow of a future workforce. Applications should describe the benefits to the service including current staff and patients but also any challenges, what was done and the impact, including how the approach could be adopted at scale in the future across in other settings or by other professions.

AHP innovation and delivery of systems 2021 – awarded by NHS England and Improvement

Nominations are welcomed from AHP practitioners, or a team of practitioners to which AHPs have contributed, who have relentlessly focus on driving quality improvement in their work and who have been strong advocates for quality improvement. This may include practitioners who are involved in co-ordinating quality improvement work at a local level or individuals who are dedicated drivers for change and improvement. The application must demonstrate delivery of quality improvement work that has been tested and has, or has the potential too, achieve impact at scale. Applications should describe the strategy adopted to deliver improvements, the mechanisms to deliver this work and how this has or will be applied and monitored going forward. Nominations evidencing co-production and spread of the improvement will score more highly.

AHP compassionate leadership award 2021 – awarded by NHS Employers

Nominations are invited from individuals or teams for AHP leaders that are able to demonstrate how they have driven forward broad and sustainable innovation, delivery or change that has led to positive impact in line with the aspirations of AHPs into Action.  The nomination needs to be able to demonstrate significant AHP leadership that is impacting in one or more of the impact, commitments or priority areas. It should describe challenges faced, the leadership approach taken to address this and the impact made.  Nominations evidencing spread of the innovation will score more highly .

AHP research impact award 2021 – awarded by NIHR/CAHPR

This award focuses on the contribution made by AHPs in developing, leading, or supporting research in health, social care and public health, and the impact that this contribution has made. Submissions are welcome from individuals or teams who have led research related projects or initiatives that have had a positive impact on AHPs, AHP services, patients and citizens – including but not limited to safety, quality and outcomes; service delivery, efficiency and productivity; or education and workforce development. We encourage a breadth of nominations, including initiatives that have encouraged NHS or social care staff to be research active, smaller challenging projects, as well as more formal research projects and programmes.

CAHPO award 2021 – awarded by NHS England and Improvement

Awarded by NHS England and NHS Improvement, this is the outstanding contribution award decided and awarded by the Chief AHP Officer – Please note: you cannot submit nominations for this award.