Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) Awards

Nominations for the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer’s Awards 2019 – now closed.

We are now in the third year of our awards and, building on the success of last year, we have reviewed the categories and processes. Due to the breadth and quality of previous nominations we are pleased to be able to increase the number of awards on offer to Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), AHP students and support workers.

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer Awards celebrate the contribution AHPs have made in supporting improvements in health, care and wellbeing and the impacts described in AHPs into Action.

Our 10 awards this year are:

  • AHP Leader of the Year 2019
  • AHP Student of the Year 2019
  • AHP Public Health Champion 2019
  • AHP Quality Improvement 2019
  • AHP Workforce 2019
  • AHP Digital Practice 2019
  • AHP Clinical Focus 2019: Cancer
  • NICE into Action 2019
  • AHP Research Impact 2019
  • AHP of the Year 2019

Following the launch of the NHS Long Term Plan, the awards provide an opportunity to profile where AHPs are already leading and supporting priorities for the NHS over the next 10 years.

The awards are open to AHPs, student AHPs and AHP support workers working in publically funded services in England. Nominations can be made by individuals themselves, and by managers and leaders in respect of individual clinicians or teams.

Please note that you will need to create a log-in to access the submissions portal.

The CAHPO 2018 Awards: categories and winners

Attendees at the CAHPO AwardsNICE into Action 2018

Winner: Laura McNeillie, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Victoria Infirmary

The initiative: Developing a new pulmonary rehabilitation program tailored for interstitial lung disease with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Interstitial Lung Disease service

Laura developed a new innovative pulmonary rehabilitation service tailored specifically for Interstitial Lung Disease as per NICE guideline recommendations (CG163).  Critically appraising the Trust’s previous pulmonary rehabilitation service for this group of patients allowed for the design of a brand new service that is transferable to other Interstitial Lung Disease centres by demonstrating clinical effectiveness.

AHP Leader 2018

Winner: Chloe Adams, Birmingham Community Nutrition part of the Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The initiative: Dietitian Led Community Gastroenterology Service

Chloe’s initiative aimed to improve clinical effectiveness and standardise care of those living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other functional gut disorders in Birmingham.  During this 18 month secondment, Chloe set out to demonstrate the clinical effectiveness and worth of the Low FODMAP Diet service.  A service evaluation was carried out on completion that highlighted the service’s excellent clinical effectiveness including improved symptom control and quality of life for the patient, and the potential for financial savings for local clinical commissioning through reducing expenditure on pharmacology.

AHP Support Worker 2018

Winners: Alison Marshall and Cathy Young, Redwoods Centre, part of the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The initiative: A Reading for Wellbeing therapy group to improve patient outcomes, promote service change, expand skills and support safe discharge

Alison and Cathy increased access to evidence based Occupational Therapy interventions to support the whole multidisciplinary team and to provide assurance to the Ministry of Justice on the recommendation of  safe discharge for low secure inpatients.  The intervention was delivered by AHP assistant practitioners, and enabled patients to develop the skills to participate meaningfully in groups by listening to peers and experiencing conflicting views from peers thereby contributing to their safe discharge.  Alison and Cathy were able to improve the quality of all the groups in the 10 week programme by their adherence to the Vona Du Toit Model of Creative Ability.

AHP Digital Practice 2018

Winner: Marianne Williams, Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The initiative: Irritable Bowel Syndrome Pathway – Adding dietetic-led patient-focused webinars to the IBS pathway in order to further improve IBS self-management in Somerset

Marianne’s webinars aimed to simplify access for patients to specialist IBS healthcare advice by providing education directly to the patient at a time and location of their choice.  As no GP referral was necessary, GPs’ workload for both appointments and administration was reduced, whilst also supplying GPs with an alternative to secondary care referral.  Over 80% of patients noted improved confidence in managing their IBS post webinar.

AHP Quality Improvement 2018

Winner: Marc Berry, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The initiative: Early Doors – Can Emergency Care Therapies Help to Prevent Avoidable Admissions in the Emergency Department?

Marc’s initiative aimed to eliminate avoidable non-medical admissions to inpatient base ward beds in patients over 65 years presenting to the emergency department at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital by September 2017.  Through the use of a multi-disciplinary team approach to identify issues in the emergency department as regards therapy services and non-medical admissions, a series of plan, do, study, act (PDSA) cycles of change ideas were developed and implemented.

AHP Overall Winner 2018

Winner: Marianne Williams, Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The CAHPO 2017 Awards: categories and winners

CAHPO Awards 2017 winners

Find out more about the winners of the 2017 CAHPO Awards:

CAHPO Student of the Year 2017

Winner: Kimberley Walesby, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS

The initiative: Delivering occupational therapy as part of a fire and rescue team to improve public fire safety and public health and health of fire and rescue services staff

Kimberley undertook a contemporary/non-traditional placement in the Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service where she undertook to:

  • receive referrals from the Community Safety Advisers for service users with health needs;
  • deliver joint assessments;
  • deliver short term interventions; and
  • signpost and liaise with other agencies.

Kimberly applied occupational therapy evidence and other bio-psychosocial evidence and standardised the approach during her placement for others to build on, paving the way for the recruitment of an occupational therapist.

CAHPO Associate of the Year 2017

Winners: Avril Joesbury and Jayne Sedgwick, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

The initiative: Little Learners’ Groups: a new model of delivering Speech & Language Therapy to children with moderate to severe learning difficulties.

This initiative teaches the parent/carer alongside teaching staff how to promote language and communication by working collaboratively in a group situation with the child.  Avril and Jayne have worked with other SLT staff to ensure consistency across each group through having a structure, and agreed rules and format that is now well established in each group.  They use follow up visits into schools more pro-actively to ensure skills are transferred and generalised.

CAHPO Digital Innovator 2017

Winner: Alicia Ridout, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The initiative: MindWell – building an integrated co-designed mental health information portal for Leeds.

MindWell resulted from a 2013 report written by users of mental health services, highlighting serious issues with accessing information.  The aim was to deliver the portal within a 12 month period, in close partnership with citizens, clinicians, carers and organisational partners across the city of Leeds, providing an effective, web-based resource that meets the needs of key users.  Alicia led the team that worked to engage all parts of the community in Leeds and listen to their views, ideas and requirements.

MindWell is now at the centre of the emergency services mental health crisis info card carried by Police and other front line staff ensuring access and clear information, and a further 18 month schedule of content development is planned.

CAHPO Practice Innovator 2017

Winner: Dr Nick Woznitza, Homerton University Hospital and Canterbury Christ Church University

The initiative: Integrated radiographer reporting: streamlining patient pathways and creating diagnostic capacity.

The aim of the initiative was to maximise the contribution of advanced clinical practitioner radiographers within the diagnostic pathway for emergency care and lung cancer.  Nick’s PhD research confirmed that reporting radiographers are comparable to consultant radiologists in chest X-ray interpretation as regards diagnostic accuracy.  When making diagnostic decisions, clinicians use both radiologist and radiographer results in similar ways with no difference in outcome.  This research provides a strong platform on which to base practice. The significant variation in reporting times and backlogs across England can be minimised through the increased use of radiographer reporting.

CAHPO Workforce Transformation Leader 2017

Winner: Martin Fox, Pennine Acute Hospital Trust

The initiative: Improving awareness, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for people with peripheral arterial disease: podiatry-led service redesign.

Four Podiatry-led peripheral arterial disease (PAD) service redesigns that raised awareness and easy access to local PAD diagnostic & treatment clinics were successfully piloted and commissioned, and are now being sustainably provided in four NHS Trusts around Greater Manchester.  Skilled and competent vascular-trained AHPs working in community settings are able to identify, explain, and tackle those symptoms associated with PAD early and proactively such limb pain, non-healing ulcers, associated heart attacks, strokes, early death and amputation.  These proven, redesigned, proactive AHP-led PAD service models are transferable to all 200+ CCGs / NHS Trusts in the UK.

CAHPO Overall Winner 2017

Winner: Dr Nick Woznitza, Homerton University Hospital and Canterbury Christ Church University